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Home Access HIV Test (3 days) FDA APPROVED!
Accurate - Greater than 99.9% accurate test results - The Home Access HIV-1 Test System was evaluated in U.S. multi-center clinical studies and is as accurate as tests used by doctors and hospitals.
3. Confidential and anonymous - Your test results are identified only by a code number, not a name

4. Convenient - May be used at home

5. Results - Available 24 hours a day and are back in 3 days. Medically supervised and referrals are available 24 hours a day as well.

6. Money raised from your order will go to support HIV research

 Features & Benefits Of Home Access HIV Test (3 days)
Test name: Home Access HIV Test (3 days) 
Brief description of test: determines if antibodies to HIV-1 are present in your blood (requires self-collected blood droplet, results in 3 days) 
Product features & benefits: Home Access Express is an educational, counseling & testing service. This service is intended for persons to anonymously determine if antibodies to HIV-1 (Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Type 1) can be detected in your blood (test results in 3 days). 
Type of test: HIV/AIDS Tests 
Manufacturer of test: Home Access 
Manufacturer brand: Home Access 
Tests in package:
Price of test: $59.95
Specimen required by test: Self-collected blood droplet
Are specimens tested at home or laboratory: This test requires that your test specimen be mailed to a laboratory 
Brief overview of test instructions: Register your code number, collect self-collected blood droplets, mail self-collected blood droplets to lab, call lab for result using your confidential pin# 
Note: Always read instructions enclosed with test kit for more detailed instructions
Time before test results are known: HIV Express guarantees lab results in 3 business days 
Suggested frequency to test again: Not a bad idea to retest in 90 to 180 days 
Accuracy of test: 99.9% 
Special notes about this test: Special instructions will be shipped with kit for Non-USA customers explaining how to call for lab results, how to ship test specimen, and how HIV treatment clinics will be recommended 
FDA status information: Approved for home/business use 
CLIA status information: HomeAccess uses a CLIA certified laboratory 
Test shelf life: 2 year shelf life from date of manufacture 
How product should be stored: Clean and Dry Area 
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