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    This newsletter is designed to provide info on social and medical problems facing the world today and to raise money in order to help make things better.  It is completely free to the subscriber because it has advertisers displaying their banners.  The money they pay to display their banners is how the Newsletter is supported and divided up to keep the Newsletter running, and to raise money for HIV/AIDS Research, World Hunger, and Rain Forest Conservation.

    We raise money through our sponsors (advertisers) and our subscribers (customers).  We believe that through business dynamics and the constant competition of the free market (as in any free capitalist society) advancement is most effective.  It is through competitive effort of businesses striving to provide better services than its competitors that makes one company want to produce better products and services than the other one.  Those products and services can also be met at a much faster rate than non-competitive efforts.  This meaning that we will try to provide you with the best newsletter that we possibly can.

We hope you enjoy it!!!

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