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Strategic Plan

Prevention of HIV infection is, of course, the most effective defense against this virus.  Learn to avoid high risk behaviors yourself, and teach preventative measures to teens, a group at increased risk of contracting HIV.

For those who have become infected, aggressive, consistent HIV drug therapy is critical. Don't let it slip. Be proactive in finding good HIV medical care and follow the advice of your doctor or medical care team. You will need to speak frankly with health care providers about problems you are experiencing , and be persistent in seeking effective solutions.

Finally, take care of your body and mind. Eat well; eat with the intention of supporting your immune system to the highest degree. Keep tabs on your weight, and work to keep it in a healthy range for you. Maintain a physically active lifestyle, but take time to relax and have fun. All of these measures are important components of the strategic plan to live positively with HIV.

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