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About The Stop HIV Site

The Stop HIV Site was launched on June 16, 2000 to help the many AIDS victims in the world today .  We raise money for AIDS treatment as well as Research and Development for cures and vaccines.  Visitors to The Stop HIV Site can donate money just by clicking into our sponsors listed here.  Funds are paid for by our sponsors.  Site visitors can click on the donate button once a day.  Everyday site visitors click the donate button to donate money for free.

The Stop HIV Site is in no way affiliated with the Hunger Site, the Rain Forest Site, or the but we believe in those sites as much as we do in our own and promote them whenever possible.

We raise money through our sponsors (advertisers) and our visitors (customers) in a business manner.  We believe that through business dynamics and the constant competition of the free market (as in any free capitalist society) advancement is most effective.  It is through competitive effort of businesses striving to provide better services than it's competitors that makes one company want to produce better products and services than the other one.  Those products and services can also be met at a much faster rate than non-competitive efforts.

We believe that the cure for HIV can be met this way sooner than other non-competitive programs and plan to prove it.  The only way we can prove it is if you as the site visitor (our customer) find our products and services (our sponsors) informative enough to click into.  If you find those links to be of any interest to you please feel free to browse through them everyday.  It would also be most effective in saving The Stop HIV Site as your homepage.  Click the homepage link at the top of the page and it will do it automatically.  The more you visit The Stop HIV Site and click into our sponsors, the more funds we raise to help eradicate HIV!

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